Today it's Saturday! And that means candy eating! Haha! But I feel already now that I'm not gonna eat that much , it's so typical!! You choose one day in week to eat candy and what u want, the day comes and you think mmmmmm yes finally ! But do you eat that much? That happened to me last week. I started with this January 2, so it's just 10 days ! But it's hard for those who eat candy and other junkfood all the time, to not eat it! I'm so tired all the time, and I'm angry, I'm down , I'm feels like when u stop smoking. And yes i know, been there to! But I know I have to be strong.. Because beach 2013 here I come!! Haha..

<3 !

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Jesus why in English? Cool then you try German and start too teach me ;)

2013-01-12 @ 09:58:15
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